Throw 3 ice cubes in the washing machine and you can’t even imagine what happens to the laundry. Try this technique without delay. The results are incredible.

Why should you put 3 ice cubes in the washing machine ? If you do, your laundry will never be the same again. The innovative technique that will change the way you wash clothes has been revealed .

How to save money with smart laundry

When it comes to  washing clothes  and, therefore, doing laundry, we all look for  tips and tricks  that save us time and money, but without giving up cleaning.

Bucato in lavatrice

In these times of strong  economic crisis , each of us is putting into practice savings strategies  to avoid high bills at the end of the month.

Did you know that  if you do your laundry in Eco mode  you save time, money and at the same time help the environment by not polluting? Try it yourself!

Of course,  the secret to a good laundry is not only the type of program selected  or the temperature set.  The products used also make a difference.

Do you know that sometimes even what you think is  the best detergent  is actually just ruining your clothes and your appliance? Pay attention when you wash clothes. Try this new technique .

Put 3 ice cubes in the washing machine: this is what happens

Why should you throw ice cubes in the washing machine ? We explain it to you. The  end result is amazing  and we are sure you will use this technique again often.

As we have said before,  clean clothes depend on many factors , for example, the detergents used, the mode set, the selected temperatures and the spin power.

However, what often makes the difference is the detergents you use . Did you know that most of them, although expensive,  can damage your clothes  and even the metal components of your appliance?

You must pay special attention. Know that cloths can also be cleaned perfectly and effectively using natural ingredients . Today we want to explain precisely that to you, the ice cube technique .

La technique dei cubetti di ghiaccio in lavatrice

If it also happens to you that you have to iron your clothes every time you wash them because they are full of wrinkles, then ice cubes will be the solution to your problem .

Fold three into the washing machine  and enjoy the surprising end result. Once the washing program is finished,  your clothes will not need to be ironed : they will be practically ready to be folded and put away in the closet.

This trick works perfectly even if you have a dryer . Always put 3 ice cubes in your appliance  and set a high temperature program for 15 minutes.

The steam generated by melted ice , when it comes into contact with heat,  will practically give your clothes perfect wrinkles. The ice cube method  is really ingenious. We recommend that you try it in both the dryer and washing machine for effective results.

However, also follow  other tips for an amazing laundry . This is what experienced housewives say:

  • Never use detergents that are too aggressive < because they can end up damaging the textile fibers of your clothes;
  • Separate and wash the colored and white cloths in two different washes ;
  • Always read the washing labels on all clothes carefully before putting them in the washing machine;

Try replacing detergent and harsh fabric softeners with natural products  such as vinegar, baking soda or lemon.

If you follow all our advice you will not have any more problems. Your clothes will be clean and scented after each wash and, in addition, perfectly ironed. If you want to know  other techniques to avoid ironing , keep reading: we also have more tips for you.

For example, you can think about  hanging up the laundry when you’re showering . Because? Simple: the steam escaping from hot water on open will keep your clothes from creasing and folding.

Again,  you can wet your wrinkled clothes with a little water and dry them on a radiator  or near a heat source. Wrinkles will disappear in a few minutes.

The last remedy we propose is a  very old method also used by our grandmothers  and consists of  placing the wrinkled clothes over a pot containing boiling water : here too the wrinkles will disappear.

If, on the other hand, you can  use the dryer  and want to dry your towels,  the ice cube method  is once again extraordinary. Experts recommend putting one ice cube in the dryer for delicate towels, two for dark ones, and three for colored ones.

If your problem not only refers to washing and drying clothes but also  to the smell that disappears immediately after washing , here we also have the solution to your problem. Pour 5 drops of lemon or lavender essential oil into the fabric softener tray and your clothes will smell good for days.