Bananas, one of the key ingredients in smoothies, will always be a favorite because of its timeless trend. But do you belong to the group of people who always throw away the strings that encircle the bananas because you think they’re “strange?” Then you ought to study why you ought not to and how they can help you!

Although it is difficult to acknowledge, even we are prone to discarding odd growths or fruit segments that we are unable to comprehend. Banana strings are among them.

All that’s involved are those little threads that encircle the banana. When a person sees another banana string, they usually look for more and pull them all out!

The threads are just as nutrient-dense as the remainder of the banana, thus experts argue that this is incorrect. Scientifically known as “phloem bundles,” these strings are rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin B6.

All plants have phloem, a tissue that is known to be in charge of nutrition transportation. The creator of, a health resource for natural remedies, Rebecca Lee is a qualified nurse. She states:

“Phloem bundles are made up of living cells and allows for food products and sugar to get to all the different parts of the plant.”

The strings are completely safe to eat, according to Dr. Elizabeth Trattner A.P. DOM, Doctor of Chinese and Integrative Medicine, another expert. Says she:

It’s not repulsive or icky. All it does is support the banana’s growth and deliciousness. It can be eaten even though its outside structure differs slightly from its internal structure.”

It’s interesting to note that the banana strings have additional significance! They can also be used to judge when a banana is suitable for consumption.

The phloem bundles in an unripe banana would be tightly packed because the fruit’s nutrients haven’t yet been dispersed evenly. Conversely, easily removable phloem bundles are present in mature bananas!