One very well-liked product that works wonders for cleaning hard water stains is vaseline. According to Market Watch, the market is expected to be worth over $500 million because of how well-liked it is. But in addition to its amazing aesthetic qualities, it may also be very useful in some areas of your home, especially when it comes to cleaning your stove. It might seem unusual, but it can work wonders to keep it looking fresh new. Its skills might possibly surprise you. Additionally, this trick works wonders as a temporary substitute to keep your stove looking brand new if you’ve run out of any of your regular cleaning supplies at home.

But can you use it on its own, or do you need any additional cleaning supplies? It turns out that there’s not much to it when it comes to using this device on your stove; in fact, there are a lot of versatile options available. Let’s see how you might make the most of this common household item.

You can use Vaseline alone for this hack, as demonstrated by @athomewithdidi on the social media platform TikTok, or you can use it in addition to other regular goods. It probably will rely on how well your stove is doing. Adding shine instead of getting rid of germs is the whole idea behind using it. So, how is it put to use? When you’re ready, apply a small amount of the product onto a cleaning cloth. Then, apply it all over your stove, being sure to reach all the crevices and nooks to get at any markings. It’s not necessary to overindulge in product. Furthermore, make sure your stove is completely dry before using Vaseline; otherwise, the results might not be as good. This is a result of its resistance to water. You should now have a stove that appears gleaming and brand-new!

This trick works so well because your stove appears immaculate because the product’s oils create a layer over it. But is it secure to use? You will probably be handling hot conditions, after all. Thankfully, despite some contradicting online discussion, the Vaseline website claims that it is non-flammable. However, if you plan to use and clean your kitchen stove, keep in mind that there is a risk if the temperature rises above 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If at all possible, you should check the temperature twice to be safe.