If you still doubt it, know that garlic is a truly magical plant! Indeed, it is simply the best natural antibiotic that exists. Mixed with honey which is also full of benefits, the remedy they form between them is of unequaled efficiency. Zoom on the virtues of the famous home remedy based on garlic and honey.

Did you know that by eating garlic every day, you enjoy its countless benefits? 

While garlic is often used as an ingredient in cooking because of its special flavor, it is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics available.

What is the best way to consume garlic?

The best way to eat garlic is to eat it raw. Why ? Because allicin, its main active ingredient, breaks down during cooking! In addition, before eating, cut the pods and crush them. Crushing garlic cloves activates a reaction that makes allicin even more effective. Know that garlic is even more effective when eaten fasting in the morning, because according to various studies conducted on the subject, the bacteria are less resistant and it is therefore easier to proceed with their elimination.

Moreover, here is what garlic and honey do to your body when you consume them on an empty stomach:

They treat infections like no other food!

Yes, this is the first benefit of these two mixed foods. According to a recent Chinese study, consuming at least 5 g of garlic (about one pod) would reduce the risk of infection with helicobacter pylori (a bacterium that causes chronic gastritis in the affected person). If garlic is renowned for its antibiotic, antimicrobial, antifungal or antioxidant properties, the same goes for honey, which alone is a real “medicine”!

They regulate your cholesterol level:

Indeed, garlic and honey are reputed to fight against the bad cholesterol which, one knows, considerably increases the risks of appearance of cardiovascular diseases. If honey effectively regulates your cholesterol levels, garlic does the same, in addition to thinning your blood, reducing the formation of clots that can clog your veins or arteries. Moreover, after analyzing several clinical trials, an English team has proven the effectiveness of garlic in reducing cholesterol.

They lower the blood pressure:

The remedy based on honey and garlic can indeed lower blood pressure and better control. Garlic possesses vasodilator virtues thanks to the quantity of adenosine (a powerful vasodilator) that it contains. Honey is also known for lowering blood pressure! Moreover, some doctors recommend consuming one to two spoonfuls of pure honey a day for people with high blood pressure.

The recipe for a remedy based on garlic and honey

To prepare your remedy based on garlic and honey, nothing more simple, you just need to bring:

  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Chop or crush your cloves of garlic in a container, then add honey. You should consume this remedy on an empty stomach every morning for 7 days to hope for the desired results or described above.


Consumption of garlic is not recommended for people with porphyria, a blood disease that makes photosensitive, as well as for people who have undergone surgery because of its anticoagulant effect!

It is also preferable that pregnant women do not consume garlic so as not to alter the taste of breast milk.