Household cleaning hacks that use simple ingredients can be both surprising and effective. One such hack involves using salt, a common kitchen staple, for cleaning your toilet. While it may sound unconventional, pouring a glass of salt in the toilet can have remarkable cleaning benefits. Let’s explore how this method works and the results you can expect.

1. The Cleaning Power of Salt:

Salt, or sodium chloride, is known for its abrasive and deodorizing properties, making it an excellent cleaning agent. It’s especially effective for tackling hard water stains, mineral deposits, and mildew.

2. How to Use Salt for Toilet Cleaning:

  • Ingredients Needed: All you need is a glass (about 8 ounces) of plain table salt.
  • Method: Pour the salt into the toilet bowl, making sure to sprinkle it around the sides and under the rim where stains are most likely to occur.
  • Waiting Time: Allow the salt to sit in the bowl for at least 2-3 hours, or overnight for tough stains.
  • Scrubbing: After the waiting period, use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl, focusing on areas with stains and deposits.
  • Flushing: Finally, flush the toilet to rinse away the salt and loosened grime.

3. Why This Method Works:

  • Abrasive Action: Salt acts as a gentle abrasive that can scrub away stains without damaging the porcelain.
  • Deodorizing Effect: Salt naturally neutralizes odors, leaving your toilet smelling fresh.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Unlike many chemical cleaners, salt is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

4. Additional Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective: Salt is an inexpensive and readily available cleaning solution.
  • Versatility: This method can be used in combination with other natural cleaning agents like vinegar or baking soda for enhanced cleaning power.

5. Precautions:

  • Regular Use: While effective for occasional deep cleaning, this should not replace your regular toilet cleaning routine.
  • Septic Systems: If you have a septic system, check that the high salt concentration won’t disrupt its balance.

6. Other Household Uses for Salt:

  • Drain Cleaner: Salt can help clean and deodorize drains when combined with hot water or vinegar.
  • Surface Cleaner: A salt paste can remove mildew and stains from tiles and grout.


Pouring a glass of salt in your toilet is a simple, effective, and eco-friendly method for cleaning and deodorizing. This hack is particularly useful for addressing hard water stains and can leave your toilet looking and smelling cleaner. While it’s not a substitute for regular cleaning or commercial products designed for heavy-duty tasks, it’s an excellent addition to your household cleaning arsenal. As with any cleaning method, regular maintenance and proper use are key to achieving the best results.