Growing plants in water is a simple and soil-free method, making it perfect for indoor herb gardening. If you’re looking to add fresh flavors to your cooking and bring greenery to your living space, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start.

Getting Started

Cutting Twigs: Select twigs from a healthy, mature plant. Choose young twigs that are around 15 cm in length. Remove the leaves near the base to encourage root growth and prevent mold in the water.

Preparing the Container: Use a container like a pot, a glass bottle, or even a plastic one. Cover the part where the roots will grow with a strip of paper or fabric to shade the roots and prevent algae formation. The container should have a narrow neck to support the twig but not restrict root development.

Water Maintenance: Initially, change the water once a week. After 2 to 6 weeks, when white roots have formed, frequent water changes are no longer necessary.

6 Herbs You Can Grow in Water

  1. Rosemary: Choose younger twigs as they root faster than woody ones. Place the container in a sunny area of your home.
  2. Sage: Cut twigs in spring and immerse them in water. Keep them in a bright and airy place, as sage is prone to mold.
  3. Mint: This is one of the easiest herbs to grow in water. Simply submerge a few twigs in a jar.
  4. Tarragon: For water cultivation, take a few branches in spring when new growth appears. Keep in a warm and sunny spot. French tarragon is great for cooking, while Russian tarragon suits salads.
  5. Basil: Basil also grows easily in water. Cut the stems before the flowering stage and place them in a bright location.
  6. Peppermint: It roots quickly in water.

These herbs not only add fresh flavors to your cooking but also bring greenery to your living space, making them the perfect combination of utility and aesthetics.

Growing your own herbs in water is a fun and rewarding experience. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure a constant supply of flavorful and aromatic herbs all year round. So why not give it a try and start your own indoor herb garden today? Happy growing!