The ingredients you’ll need are:

  • 5 dried figs
  • 5 dried dates
  • 5 dried prunes
  • 1 tablespoon of roasted sesame
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cloves
  • 350ml hot water
  • 2 slices of lemon

Each of these ingredients brings something special to the table. Dried figs, dates, and prunes are not just tasty – they’re packed with natural sugars and nutrients that provide a quick energy boost and help in fighting off infections. Roasted sesame adds a nutty flavor and is rich in minerals. Cinnamon and cloves are both known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and their warm, spicy notes make the remedy not only healthful but also enjoyable to drink. The lemon slices add a refreshing zest and a dose of vitamin C.

To make this remedy, start by placing the dried figs, dates, and prunes in a large bowl. Add the roasted sesame, cinnamon stick, and cloves. Pour the hot water over these ingredients and let them steep. This allows the water to extract all the goodness from the fruits and spices. After about an hour, the mixture will have cooled down, and the fruits will have infused their flavors into the water. Strain the mixture to separate the liquid. Add the lemon slices to the liquid and let it sit for a few more minutes.

This fruit-infused drink is best enjoyed warm. It’s soothing, comforting, and the natural sweetness from the dried fruits makes it a delightful remedy. Remember, while this drink can offer some relief from cold symptoms, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor, especially for persistent symptoms.

In conclusion, this natural remedy from my Polish grandmother is a testament to the power of simple, wholesome ingredients. It’s a gentle, natural way to ease the discomfort of colds, and it’s a recipe that has been passed down through generations in my family. Next time you’re feeling a bit under the weather, try this comforting, fruit-infused drink – it’s like a warm hug in a cup! Stay well and take care.