Get rid of herpes overnight with garlic

Herpes is a viral infection, caused by the simplex virus, that commonly exhibits itself in a form of sores or blisters. Those seeking medical treatment for herpes are prescribed usual antiviral meds, which might or might not work.

There are numerous stories about treating and eliminating herpes with natural remedies. Most of these remedies include garlic in some form. The question is: how true are these stories, and does garlic really have the ability to prevent, treat, and eliminate herpes?

Garlic, as a natural medicine item, has been in use for thousands of years. It was used as a form of currency at one point, due to the popular belief that it has the ability to ward off the evil spirits. The first recorded uses of garlic as an antibacterial originate from ancient Greece. It is none other than Hippocrates himself that popularized the use of garlic for this purpose. Ancient Greeks also used garlic to eliminate parasites and prevent the bacteria and microbes from spreading.

When it comes to more recent reports of garlic use in medical purposes, The Journal of National Medical Association published a study that came to the conclusion that garlic contains 33 sulfur compounds that are effective against herpes.

The research on the effects of garlic on herpes started all the way in the mid 80’s. PlantaMedica, a medical journal, published a study back in 1985 that also came to the conclusion that garlic’s compounds effectively kill the herpes simplex virus.

Back in 1988, a group of scientists published a paper concluding that garlic plays an invaluable role it the treatment and prevention of herpes. The same research claimed that garlic also spreads its positive effects to our entire body, acting as an immune system booster.

In 1992, The Brigham Young University-based research showed that garlic juice is extremely effective in destroying the herpes virus. The extremely effective attribute doesn’t come easy; according to the study, garlic juice destroys 90% of the virus in under 30 minutes!

Dr. Tariq Abdullah, one of the lead researchers behind the more recent research published in The Journal of National Medical Association, says that consuming just a teaspoon of freshly minced garlic, together with some raw, organic honey is the best method of getting rid of herpes forever. He also says that this remedy is not only effective against herpes, but also against common colds, flu, and in cases of weakened immunity.

If you can’t get yourself to chew on raw garlic, there is another option, says Dr. Abdullah. Peel a bulb of garlic, chop it, and add it to your bath. Fill the bathtub with hot water, and add the garlic, as you would add an essential oil or bath salts, allow the water to cool down a bit, and climb on it. Soak for at least 20 minutes and you’ll achieve the same effects as if you ate the garlic.

Cold sores can be easily eliminated by pressing a peeled clove of garlic on them for a few times a day, says Dr. Abdullah.