Antibiotics have saved so many lives, but they’re not free of side effects. Excessive intake of pharmaceutical antibiotics has been linked to antibiotic resistance.

Therefore, it’s essential to avoid overconsuming them and avoid taking them for every minor health issue and focus on natural remedies instead.

A lot of plant-based foods used in alternative medicine have antibiotic properties.  One such powerful natural antibiotic is the combination of turmeric and medicinal manuka honey.

Keep reading to learn more about why this natural antibiotic recipe is considered one of the most potent ones since ancient times!

DIY Natural Antibiotic Recipe: Blend of Medicinal Manuka & Turmeric 

Take into account that this natural antibiotic isn’t a cure for life-threatening health emergencies, but rather a boosting tool in case of mild to moderate infections like colds, tooth issues, skin problems, etc. 

If you have an acute and severe issue, always consult your doctor and follow their recommendations!

The combo of ginger, turmeric, and garlic is one of antibiotic power. Their individual properties are strengthened into one elixir which is highly efficient. 

Below, check out why these ingredients are great for advancing your health:

  • Turmeric

Curcumin in turmeric impedes inflammation and has antioxidant properties. It’s praised for alleviating rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, etc. 

Also, in Ayurveda, it’s regularly used as the best tool for regenerating the intestinal mucosa and restoring the gut flora.

  • Manuka honey

Manuka honey has a long list of health benefits. It plays a role in the fight against MRSA and strengthens the immune system. 

It also alleviates sore throat and elevates the number of cytokines and assists in the fight against infections.

  • Black pepper

Black pepper possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics. It will provide ample amounts of vitamin C which is essential for strong immunity. 

It’s used as a remedy for congested chest and clogged nose. Combined with honey, black pepper is a potent tonic used since ancient times to stop coughing.

  • Coconut oil 

Coconut oil has lauric acid, a fatty acid, known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antibacterial characteristics. 

Moreover, it also possesses antiviral characteristics and it’s excellent for strengthening the body’s defense against colds and the flu. 

Studies have also concluded coconut oil’s ability to strengthen a weak immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells that play a role in the fight against infections and viruses.

  • Cinnamon 

The antioxidants in cinnamon are helpful in the fight against inflammation and infection. 

How to Make a DIY Antibiotic with Turmeric & Honey?

You will need:

20 tsp of Manuka honey or raw honey

2 tbsps of turmeric

¼ tsp of black pepper

1 to 2 tbsp of virgin coconut oil 

A dash of cinnamon 

A glass jar


Stir the turmeric, black pepper, and cinnamon with the honey in a glass jar. 

Once you mix it well, close the jar and keep it in a dark and cold area. This remedy remains safe for consumption indefinitely. 

How to take it:

Once you feel the first signs of a cold or the flu, here’s how you should start dosing the remedy:

Day 1: Take half a tsp every hour during the whole day.

Day 2: Take half a tsp every two hours during the whole day.

Day 3: Take half a tsp of the remedy three times during the day.

When you take the remedy, hold it in your mouth until it dissolves entirely.