Black cumin seeds appear to be the remedy that can cure ‘everything, but death’ as there are only a few problems that this seed can’t help the body fight off.

And, these claims for its healing properties are backed up by numerous peer-reviewed articles, it’s not just anecdotal evidence!

Black cumin seed or black seed or black coriander is made from the Nigella Sativa plant which originates from Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean. A lot of people tend to mix it up with regular cumin, but they’re different.

Black cumin has been used for a long period of time, dating back to Ancient Egypt. Its seeds and oil have been regularly used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to help heal the body and fight off illnesses.

According to research, this seed is amazingly powerful and antimicrobial and has three major compounds which help the body in the fight against illnesses, i.e. TQ, THG, and thymol.

The Best Health Benefits of Black Cumin Seeds

Helps in the fight against cancer

Black seed oil was found to be a good natural treatment for cancerous cells thanks to the abundance of thymoquinone in it.

According to a research, this substance was found several times to be powerful against cancer in both in vivo and in vitro and it modulated 9 from 10 cancer hallmarks.

Other studies have also found it beneficial in encouraging cell death in leukemia and brain cancer cells.


Thanks to its high presence of antioxidants and compounds such as thymoquinone, black cumin oil helps keep the pancreatic beta cells healthy which is beneficial for diabetics.

In them, the oxidative stress lowers the efficiency of these cells and impedes the body’s production and release of insulin. If you’re a diabetic, consume 2 grams of it on a daily basis for 3 months.

This, according to one study, helps lower the blood sugar and boost the functioning of the pancreatic beta cells.

Weight loss

In a study done with obese men, black seed helped achieve major weight loss and decreased their waist circumference, and it also led to a mild drop in the fasting blood sugar, LDP cholesterol, and the triglycerides.

A different study also found black seed oil to be amongst the most potent natural cures in the world for weight loss.

Respiratory system

Several studies have concluded that black seed oil possesses anti-asthmatic effects and depending on the reason for the asthma, black seed was often more potent than other conventional treatments.

In a different study, thymoquinone was beneficial in lowering 2 inflammatory triggers of asthma, as well as other inflammatory processes.

It may therefore be effective for people with seasonal allergies.

Cardiovascular health

The thymoquinone in black seed has been found to have a protective effect on the cardiovascular health. It promotes healthy amount of cholesterol and it restores the balance in the blood pressure.

It may also help with the endothelial dysfunction, which is often included in heart-related conditions.

MRSA infections

MRSA or the resistant staphylococcus aureus can be destroyed with black cumin seed oil. In one study, several strains of it were found sensitive to N. Sativa.

Another study, after using black seed oil against MRSA-resistant bugs against antibiotics, out of the 144 strains, most of which were resistant to several antibiotics, 97 were sensitive to black cumin.